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Grand Prize

Camouflage Rhino

Bee Balling

Texas, United States

A rare moment captured up close: Diadasia rinconis (Cactus Bees) swarming together in a mating ball, each male eager to become companions with a female. Native to America, these bees are considered a solitary species, meaning they live without the hierarchy and structure of their European counterparts—though they still work to pollinate cacti and help plants in the American southwest thrive.

Karine Aigner

Washington, United States

Award-winning photojournalist Karine Aigner leads a life that reads like a set of novellas. Raised in Saudi Arabia, Karine has traveled extensively to places like Taiwan, Africa, and the Galapagos in the pursuit of photography. Amidst her travels, she served as the Senior Picture Editor for National Geographic for nine years. Now, Karine’s an associate fellow with the International League of Conservation Photographers and a member of Girls Who Click. Her work has been found in many prestigious publications, including National Geographic Magazine, BBC Wildlife and Biographic, to name a few.

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